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Emergency Tow Truck

Toto is an tow truck who first appeared in Season 1 of Tayo the Little Bus.


Season 1

Toto makes first appearance in Season 1 first episode "A Day in the Life of Tayo where seen respond to crash site along with Rookie & Pat after Speed being accidentally crashes into smaller fence concrete walls on exit of freeway as Toto to take Speed to the Hana's repair shop.

Later appeared in episode "I Wanna Go On a Picnic!" where seen meets with Speed & Tayo to go on a picnic while crossing the red highway bridge, a blue car seen standing on middle of road as says that has been broke down and cannot move and Toto decided to take the blue car to Hana's repair shop & leaves.

Season 2

Toto returns in Season 2.

Season 3

Toto returns in Season 3, it returns in a episode "Toto And Bongbong where Bongbong as talks to ride as says it used for broken down cars, But Bongbong accidentally rides into tow hook and been stucked as Toto being way to school as along with Bongbong as Bongbong been "Poof" sound and Miss Teach says to quiet (Because of Bongbong's "Poof" sound) & later seen way to Frank's fire station as says that place used to firetrucks standby as Toto turning on the siren & Frank seen quick as mistakes for emergency and leaves. seen on playground as decided to playing, but says been not allowed to play because being stuck and seen at gas station to refueling and other motorists being laughing Later, Bongbong seen down to tow hook & Bongbong makes move again.

Season 4

Toto returns again in Season 4.

Season 5

Toto returns again in Season 5.


  • Toto's design is heavily based on Tow Truck version of Isuzu NPR series.
  • This is only Tow Truck to introduced in this series.
  • This is only truck equipped with siren, which shares the same sound as Alice's siren it's revealed that had been turning on in Toto and Bongbong.
  • This is only character where has towing ability, being towing cars.
    • Big is an trailer truck which has towing ability, being trailer already been attached.
  • Toto makes cameo appearance in most episodes, such as I'll Help You, Big, Nuri's Worst Day, Rogi's Special Guest, Laugh, Pat and other more episodes.
  • In Titipo Titipo the spin-off series of Tayo The Little Bus, he appeared from Season 1 episode "Titipo and Tayo".