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"Don't worry about us. You should always help a friend if he's in trouble, right?"

-The old man when Cito was hesitating about his passengers while wishing to help Billy and Rogi free Big out of the sand

Thanks, Cito!
Season 1, Episode 6
(6th in Overall)
Thanks, Cito Title Card.jpg
Air date
United States of America
September 7, 2010
United States of America
March 20, 2013 (YouTube)
Written by Choi Jong-il
Directed by Kim Min-sung
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Thanks, Cito! is the 6th episode in Season 1 of Tayo the Little Bus.

Plot Summary

Cito the tour bus, curious about whether the young buses are doing well, checks up on them whenever he can, and helps little buses in various situations.



The episode started with Cito was about to take passengers in his route. Later, he found out that someone left the bag on the bus stop, which it belongs to the old man. After that, Cito continue his route to the Museum. On the way, Cito found out that there's so much traffic unusually. Suddenly Rookie and Pat came across, then Cito asked what happened. Pat explained that the stoplight in the intersection got malfunctions. Both Rookie and Pat went and such a long time, Cito finally arrived at the Museum.

Cito realized that Lani's route was close from there. Lani just took all the passengers on and was about to the next stop but she couldn't change the lanes. Cito who saw Lani then helped ask truck named Max to let Lani changes the lane first. Feel helped, Lani thanks Cito. Cito then rushes to the Museum to get all passengers on time. All passengers are just coming out from the museum. Cito took all passengers and continue his route.

During his route, Cito saw Rogi and Billy were towing Big who's stuck. Unable to do that, they asked Cito if he could lend a hand. At first, Cito concerned due to his duty, but the passengers let Cito helped them first. With the help of Cito, they three finally towed Big out of the sand. Rogi then continue his route, so is Cito.

In the afternoon, Cito and his passengers were taking pictures. Finally, Cito finished his route. An old man thanks Cito for everything that day. After he finished his route, Cito felt tired and was about to going back to the garage. Cito realized that Tayo's route was close from there. Tayo is also finished his route and going back to the garage. Tayo didn't realize that the latch from the truck contained the barrels got loosen. Cito then save the day and told Tayo to be more careful. Tayo thanks Cito for helping him and they two had back to the garage together.

At night, Hana welcomes all the buses. She was surprised when she found Cito and Tayo were came back together. Hana who saw Cito feels tired asked if something happen, but Cito just said that he was just tired. Cito then head back to his garage and wanted to had some rest. He then got surprised by Tayo, Rogi, and Lani who thanks him for helping them today. Cito then asked them to sleep since it's getting late. They thanks Cito once again, as well as counting Cito again the next day as Cito was about to sleep.


  • This is first episode where Tayo had in danger.
  • This is first episode where any cargoes fall off into the roads. (in this case, Barrels), the second being It's Hard to Behave, third being Cheer Up Frank, fourth being New Rescuer, Jay fifth being Thanks, Gani, sixth being Jay and Iracha and seventh being I Need More Views.
    • It's also first episode where the barrels had fall into the roads, the second being New Rescuer, Jay and third being I Need More Views.
    • Coincidentally, both episode's title are starting with the first word "Thanks".
    • Also Coincidentally, both episode's scene are takes place in the downtown hill, where the incident had held.
  • This is the first appearance of Museum, the second being Cito's Secret and third being Rogi's Junk Treasure.
  • This is episode where the old brown pickup truck makes brief appearance, the second being The Treasure is Mine!. (but only shown in flashback scene).

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