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Character Information



City Bus

License Plate Number



City Bus


Rogi (2nd oldest brother)

Lani (younger sister)

Gani (oldest brother)

Citu (father)

Peanut (cousin)

Heart (cousin)

Bubba (grandfather)


Rogi (Best friend)

Gani (Best friend)
Heart (Lil whiner heart)
Hana (Big sister)
Nuri (Friend)
Trammy (Friend)


Rogi (ocassionally)

Cooku (formerly)

Star Tayo


Voiced by

Moon Nam-suk (Old and new series, South Korean dub, Season 1 onwards)
Robyn Slade (Old and new series, US English dub, Season 1-2, excluding Cruise Trip for new series)
Carol Tyler (Old series, US English dub, Season 3 onwards)
Teresa Gallagher (New series, UK English dub, Season 3 onwards)
Reece Thompson (New series, US English dub, Cruise Trip only)
Rob Rackstraw (New series, US English dub, Season 3 only)
Hayden Rolence (New series, US English dub, Season 4 onwards)
Ryoko Nagata (Japanese dub)
Artur Żmijewski (Polish dub)
Jacqueline Youn (Titipo Titipo)

Movie Appearances

Tayo Movie: Mission Ace


“That was great ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”

  1. Tayo is a blue bus who is friendly, playful and sometimes even a little mischievous.

Tayo is 9 years old in season 1 & 2 and 10 years old in season 3 & 4 and is 11-12 in the new series.

Bio Edit

Tayo is playful and sometimes mischievous, he also enjoys playing games with Rogi, the green bus. He is less mature than the other buses but rarely gets into serious trouble. He was only absent in "Poco's Flower". He is a mix of a Yutong ZK6100H and a Honda Aero City in the series. He bares the number 120. Tayo, also, rarely loves going into space. He has 8 twin cousins who look like them are named Hauler, Dan, Smokemeister, Boosters, Georges, Paul, Beasley, and Chuck, and he also has an older sister called Hotshot Cecily .Tayo welcomed to the bus garage 3rd and is the 2nd youngest of the 4 buses. Sometimes, he never wakes up in the morning without listening to the Tayotown Cockerel .

Tayo's Many NicknamesEdit

STayo has alot of nicknames.

  • Little Bro (by Rogi & Gani)
  • Big Bro (by Lani)
  • Big Blue Moron (by Rogi)
  • Stupid (by Rogi)
  • Friend (by Peanut)
  • (by Rogi)
  • Dweeb (by Rogi)
  • Dork (by Rogi & Shine)
  • Blockhead (by Rogi & Speed)
  • (by Lani)
  • Friend (by Peanut)
  • (by Gani)
  • Pal (by Rogi)
  • Dork (by Rogi)
  • Nerd (by Rogi)
  • Son (by Citu)
  • dimwitted (by all)
  • Loser (by Rogi)
  • Bully ( By Rogi)

Parodies Edit

Tayo & Friends (as Thomas)

Little Buses (as Tiny)

Tayotown (as Wilson)

BusTales (as Dewey)

Tayotown (South Park Parody) (as Kyle)

Tayo The Little Tour Bus (as Finley)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

The Amazing World of Rogi (as Darwin)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Circus Tramy And Friends! (As Bon Bon)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


  • In the new series, his full name is "Tayo Matthew Henderson". It was stated on his driving license.
  • In September 2015, he and the rest of the gang will get a makeover. Tayo's roof is dark blue, he has brown eyes, some white on his front lights, his number 120 being blue, a numberplate saying "T4Y0" and his rearview mirrors stuck to his body .
  • His personality is very funny in both old and new series .
  • Tayo can be a bit dimwitted and lazy at times .
  • He is the 2nd youngest of the little buses
  • Teresa Gallagher also voices his baby counterpart .
  • There is an episode when Tayo, Rogi, Lani and Gani form a rock band Tayo and Lani both sing the vocals,Rogi plays the electric guitar and Gani plays the drums. After Tayo and Lani fight with each other and Lani quits the band, Gani suggested that Rogi should sing the vocals along with Tayo and play the electric guitar .
  • Although Rogi is Tayo's best friend, Gani is also depicted as such in the new series .
  • Tayo doesn't manually need a driver and the other vehicle, but you can only see the cockpit.
  • There is an episode when Tayo,Rogi,Lani and Gani fall into a bottomless pit they decide to tell stories to pass the time.
  • He was only absent in Poco's Flower.
  • His real name is Samson.
  • He Has a Male Adult Voice in Bulgaria and Polish Dub.
  • His Manufacturer Is Red Panda Industries.
  • there is an episode called Tayo is born and it’s about how Tayo joined the bus gang

Design Edit

Tayo is a city bus who was painted sky blue.

He even has orangish-yellow turn signals.