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Tayo and Bongbong l Popular Episode l Tayo the Little Bus l S2 -01

Tayo and Bong Bong is the first episode of Season 2 & its 27th overall episode of this series.


Carry, the car transporter truck seen transporting four baby cars seen driving on red highway bridge as the blue truck accidentally fall the one crate into the road & resulting the back doors are open & the baby cars had wake up & cried as Carry seen leaving & Bongbong fall out from the truck & still sleeping on the road & until being wake up by Tayo as dangerous to sleep on road.

Lani & Gani seen on downtown highway as talks to Carry as been dangerous to drive with opened back doors as she mistakes carrying three baby cars & Carry to find Bongbong.

Bongbong seen accidentally passing the stop line as does not seen the red light & been "Traffic Lost" & Tayo helping without been traffic violations, seen hello to kindergarten kids & Bongbong talks to Tayo as decided to visit the bus garage.

Carry talks to Citu as helps to find Bongbong as missing on this truck & Tayo & Bongbong are seen arrived at Bus Garage, Rogi, Lani, & Gani are also arrived at Bus Garage to playing games, like Monster sounds & Dancing, Hana as seen talks to Bongbong as decided to go back home with Carry as says with Carry & until arrives and being happy.

Bongbong seen crying as decided to stay at bus garage & not ride with Carry & Bongbong & Carry both leaving bus garage & the episode ends.


  • Shine makes cameo appearance in this episode.
  • This is first episode where the character seen sleeping on road, the second being Tayo the Grown-Up.
  • The episode's first scene is very similar to the scene from 2006 Disney Pixar film Cars where Lightning McQueen is fall in a Mack's semi trailer on a highway, as been differences;
    • Lightning McQueen is wake up by a truck horn where McQueen is about to crash into three passing trucks, while Bongbong is wake up by a blue bus instead of a truck horn.
    • Mack seen leaving with closed back door, while Carry also seen leaving with opened back doors.