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Star Tayo
Character Information


License Plate Number

120(same as his real twin sister a.k.a The Real Tayo)


Tayo (Twin sister)
(All formerly)


Tayo (Fake twin sister)
Duri (For called his fake twin sister as a real Tayo)

Voiced by

His voice is as same as the real Tayo


Only S4 EP5 (Who is the real Tayo?)

Star Tayo is a nice to evil clone of Tayo and he also known as The Fake Tayo. he appears in the S4 episode 5 called: "Who is the Real Tayo?". His appearance is by Tayo when she was wishing for a second Tayo and right at that moment a shooting star appears. Then when Tayo wakes up Star Tayo then appears in front of her. And Tayo begins inspecting her twin brother a.k.a Star Tayo (The only difference in Star Tayo is that Star Tayo has a star instead of a circle in the top left corner). Then after that Star Tayo says he will take over Tayo route. And let his twin sister(Tayo) to having fun with her friends at the playground. And Tayo thanked their twin brother. She(Tayo) even denies her passengers at a bus stop while passing by. Then Tayo realizes that there were alot of kind passengers. After that Tayo goes up to Star Tayo(a.k.a Tayo’s twin brother) with a disguise and says she will to back to work and thanked her twin Star Tayo. But Star Tayo denied it and said he/she will continue working and become the real Tayo. Then they go back to the playground. And Tayo’s friend needs to decided which one is the real Tayo? They see The real Tayo by farting but Star Tayo farts better than his twin sister(a.k.a The real Tayo) and Tayo’s friends believe that he’s the real Tayo and they made her(The real Tayo) to go away. Then Duri comes to the real Tayo and they were talking to each other. And later they’re going back to the garage. She(The real Tayo) told them the truth but her friends were now unsure. Then Duri shows the proof because which is a spill mark and he says “This should be the real Tayo”. Then Tayo’s friend found out and Star Tayo ran away.


  • Star Tayo is obviously a REAL non-canon character in ‘Tayo The Little Bus’. Because he appears in only one episode.
  • All of his voice lines are all the same voice actors/actress as The Real Tayo.
  • Lani called Star Tayo’s pronouns as a masculine pronouns(Same as the real Tayo but she’s a female while Star Tayo is a Male).
  • Star Tayo and Tayo are likely Twins. Because they’re both have their bus number as 120 and same color.
  • Star Tayo’s birthdate is also same as The real Tayo.
  • Star Tayo is a twin brother to Tayo(a.k.a the real one) and Tayo is a twin sister to Star Tayo.