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Speeding is Dangerous
Season 1, Episode 22
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Speeding is Dangerous is the 22nd episode in Season 1 of Tayo the Little Bus.

Plot Summary

While driving riverside with Tayo, Speedy and Shine decide to have a race after bickering about who's the faster of the two. Their race is stopped.



Tayo seen at riverside highway and meets Shine then getting scared by Speedy and stopped by Tayo as prevent to involved in a accident. Later, Speedy and Shine are now involved an illegal street race and Tayo are not telling to Speedy and Shine are dangerous to drive too fast.

Rookie and Pat are seen patrolling around at highway bridge and heard an loud strange car engine sound are involving Speedy and Shine are racing through the bridge which passes patrolling Rookie and Pat then the siren are begin to turn on to catch Speedy and Shine are they reckless driving and Tayo arrives and telling again to Speedy and Shine are dangerous to drive faster and Rookie and Pat are later leaves at Crime Scene.

Tayo, Speedy and Shine meets Met and talking about to the high-speed train as fastest land vehicle in the world as Met being stopped around to talk and go home. Speedy, Shine and Tayo to find the high-speed train.

Tayo, Speedy and Shine are arrives at road next to railroad tracks to catch the high-speed train. Speedy are trying to catch the high-speed train and had been tired as being too fast. Shine is turns out to catch the high-speed train as Shine triggers the nitro to beat the high-speed train and Shine tells as the fastest car in the world, laughs and suffering an smoke on exhaust. Tayo and Speedy rush quickly tell to Shine to trying controlling the front wheels but cannot control the front wheels and Shine accidentally collided with a railroad crossing gates and Tayo and Speedy arrives at crash site to see Shine being suffered an damage after collided with a railroad crossing gate.

Tayo tells to Shine as says about to upgrade their engine and being sorry to Tayo and Shine trys to get out the tracks and cannot start their engine and cannot move. Speedy decided to get Toto but Tayo are being too late to get Shine as being crying and Speedy rushes quickly to call Toto, but stuck near at rush hour traffic and Rookie and Pat are seen at right lane (but being after getting caught because of speeding in a highway) as since does not have their driving license and Rookie are tells to Speedy are being "Race" again and sorry as Rookie and Pat on their way to the crash site to save Shine.

Tayo seen trying to push Shine as tires being stuck on railroad tracks and cannot move but the railroad crossing gates are begin to closed as the high-speed train approaches as Shine getting crying and Speedy, Rookie, Pat and Toto are now arrives at crash site.

Pat tells to Speedy are not involved their street race again and Pat being talking about the rules of the road and decided now go back home and the episode ends.


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