"Is that it? I never crash, no matter how fast I go."
—Speedy in I Want New Tires
Speed car

Speed (original name Speedy) is a young 7 year old (14 in new series) red sports car who always breaks the law, and his best friend is Shine. Though they are not necesarily antagonist, they are both considered nuisances to nearby cars. He is good friends with Shine, Toto and Toni.


  • Speed bares the number 83 and has a lightning bolt sticker on his doors. In canon, he does not have any stickers. In fanon and , he will still have his 83 & yellow lightning bolt sticker on his doors.
  • His real name is P.T. His full name was "P.T. Derek Andrews", as it was stated on his driving license.
  • His original model car is a 2009 Porsche 911.
  • Other cars think he's an enemy.
  • His face is used as Baja's.
  • A prediction that Speed might be faster than Shine.
  • In "Tayo Space Adventures 1 & 2", he was named "Quick", and could fly without wings. He was first seen when space villains were chasing him.
  • in I wish it could be summer everyday he says penfolds catchphrase oh crumbs when the police say that he will not be invited ever again and falls to his gas and cried in tears like homer simpson
  • He has a crush on Heart.
  • Speed doesn't manually need a driver, But you can Only see the Cab
  • His Manufacturer Is FUNG.

Voice ActorsEdit

Osian Gatehouse (UK)

Dan Augusta (Season 1 - 2)

Joseph May

Reid Scott

Janyse Jaud (Ocean Dub)

Chika Sakamoto (Japanese Dub)