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Racing Car

Speed (Known as Speedy in the earlier episodes) is an supporting character in Tayo the Little Bus.


Speed is an red sports car that likes his crush, Heart.


Speed first appeared in a Season 1 episode "A Day in the Life of Tayo" where seen meets Tayo on Traffic light as decided to race in highway, as Tayo left Citu and until Speed caused an accident on freeway, later, Toto, Rookie & Pat arrives on crash site to take Speed on Hana's repair shop.

Season 2

Speed returns in Season 2. It makes an cameo appearance in "Nuri's Worst Day" where seen accidentally splashes the dirty puddles to Nuri's left eye & causing Nuri to crash.

It appeared in "Tayo Space Adventures: Part 1 & 2", its named as "Quick" where also first appeared in Season 1. Where seen on Bully's Spaceship as helps to rescue Princess Ray & others are escaped from Spaceship.

Speed returns in It's Hard to Behave where seen race on downtown highway along with Shine, causing to scared Tayo & the blue truck with load of boxes had fall off & until at Hospital parking lot, its been caught by Rookie & Pat as been an troublemakers on road, later, seen on Construction Site where tries to help their construction work & causing Trouble again, Shine crashes into pile of woods & Speed been accidentally throwing an paint can into Poco's head, later seen on playground where seen decided to help to clean up the playground & but the playground had dirty & until been caught again by Rookie & Pat as been trouble again & Pat said been "Suspended" to get back home.

Speed & Shine meets Cito to help takes the Cito's passengers to airport because of Cito's tires are been flat (but Rookie & Pat been "Suspended") as Passengers been not missed on their flights & passengers been thanks to taking to the airport.

Speed & Shine where seen meets Tayo & Lani as seen back on their bus garage after finishing cleaning operations & Tayo said as Speed & Shine been "Suspended" as they banned on roads and find out with Rookie & Pat.

In Cito's Secret, Speed makes only brief appearance in a flashback where Little Cito seen racing in a highway and until been stopped by Bubba as been dangerous to drive too fast and Little Cito being "Grounded" as decided to go back in a bus garage.

Later seen in a bus garage where seen playing again with Little Cito as Bubba been angry and makes Little Cito to stop playing and until accidentally crashes into a sign and causing the bus garage sign are broken.

Season 3

Speed returns in Season 3, but introduced their crush, Heart.

Season 4

Speed returns again in Season 4.

Season 5

Speed returns again in Season 5.


  • スピーディーのモデル車.jpg
    Speed's design is based on either a 997 or 991 Porsche 911 GT3 RS.
  • It's manufacturer built by FUNG.
  • Speed, like Shine causing an any road hazards, like car accidents where appeared in Nuri's Worst Day where Speed accidentally splashes the dirty puddle into Nuri's left headlights & causing Nuri to crash into fence.
  • It's related to Lightning McQueen, an character from Cars franchise, as shares the similarities.
    • Both cars are Red.
    • Both Speed & McQueen where involved in a race as racer.
    • Both Involved an accidents while racing, although Speed's was much less severe. (McQueen's crash in Cars 3).
    • Both red cars to have an romantic girlfriends/crush, (Speed's girlfriend is Heart & McQueen's girlfriend is Sally).
  • He also has similarities to Boost from the Cars franchise in the Fashion that:
    • He likes to Speed on the Highway, which could be potentially deadly for other cars.
    • He also has a spoiler, like Boost.