This is a picture of Shine without the lasted wheels

Shine is a 7 year old (12-14 in the new series), yellow luxury sport car who is based on a Mercedes Benz Slk 350. Mix Lexus SC430. His Manufacturer Is FUNG.

Personality and traits Edit

Shine likes boasting and giving compliments to himself. One time he was showing off to Tayo like using his full speed, more wax, and showing off his wheels. All these resulted him humiliated. Shine was showing off at the cement plank, which hasn't dried yet. Shine later got stuck, and couldn't budge his tires. Tayo came to him to see him if he needs his help. To not feel embarrassed again, Shine said he doesn't need his help. Night falls, Shine still couldn't budge. His headlights went off due to low battery. Shine got frightened, and felt sleepier and dozed off. Tayo woke him up by calling his name several time. As Shine woke up, he was at the back of Toto, with Tayo accompanying him and talking with him. Tayo requested if he could be friends with Shine. Fortunately, Shine accepted Tayo and that's how they became friends.

Appearance Edit

Shine's first appearance was in "Let's Be Friends" (a popular episode).

He also appeared in "I Wish it Could Be Summer Everyday" when he does join the band.

He made a cameo appearance in "Tayo and Bong Bong" and "I Want a Puppy"

Voice Actors Edit

Erik Athavale (Season 1 - 2)

Unknown (Season 3)

Ian James Corlett (Ocean Dub)

Jaroslaw Boberek (Polish)

Masako Nozawa (Japanese Dub)

Unknown Female Spanish Actress (Spanish Season 1 Only Expect Hana's Day out)

Mario Castañeda (Spanish Hana's Day out and Season 2)