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Shine is a yellow-colored sport-luxury vehicle. He made his debut in Season 1 episode Let's Be Friends. His exterior design is primarily based off a Mercedes-Benz SLK R171 or 172.

Personality and Traits

In the beginning, Shine could be best described as a narcissist, frequently boasting and giving compliments about his appearance. He enjoyed showing off to Tayo; presenting his speed, demonstrating his ability to lower his hardtop (he is actually a hardtop convertible), and flaunting a pair of star-shaped wheels which would eventually stay throughout the following seasons. All these would result in him being humiliated. He was also quite a bit of a troublemaker, sometimes getting in trouble with his best friend, Speed for racing and speeding. If they were caught, they would usually be disciplined by Rookie and Pat. After time, he seemed to have changed a bit, as he does have a brighter side. He is quite friendly and fun to associate with. He is a good friend to the buses.


  • Shine's first appearance was in "Let's Be Friends" (a popular episode).
  • He made a cameo appearance in "Tayo and Bong Bong" and "I Want a Puppy"


  • Shine's design is based on 2011 Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG (R172).
  • Just like Speed, Shine are causing their many road hazards & accidents are like illegal street racing where Shine is involved in a accident after colliding with an railway crossing gate in a episode ""Speeding is Dangerous".
  • It's revealed that has retractable roof on its first appearance. As Shine is the only convertible car to introduced in this series.
  • Shine makes a cameo appearance in most episodes: Frank and Alice Are Awesome!, My Job's the Hardest, Tayo and Bong Bong, I'll Help You Big, & I Want a Puppy.
  • Shine is yellow character, the other yellow characters in Tayo the Little Bus, are Toto, Lani, Rubby & Kinder.
  • Shine's narcissistic personality is similar to that of Jackson Storm from 2017 Disney/Pixar film "Cars 3", although unlike Storm, Shine learns his lesson and redeems himself.