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The fourth season debuted in 2017










Star Tayo


  • Carol Tyler as Tayo, Bongbong, and Star Tayo
  • Aidan Williams as Rogi
  • Eva Davis as Lani
  • Ginger Hendricks as Gani
  • Brian Alexander as Citu
  • Sandra Hilton as Hana
  • Dana Howard as Heart
  • Reg Stewart as Rookie and Max
  • Jerry Todd as Frank
  • Cole Hanson as Rubby and Air
  • Nicki Grant as Miss Teach
  • Terry Freeman as Iratcha

It is unknown who voiced the rest of the characters, even though they would most likely have key roles in that season.


  1. Nice To Meet You, Peanut
  2. You Are Special
  3. Please Believe Me
  4. The New Emergency Center
  5. Who Is The Real Tayo?
  6. Chris Wants Recognition
  7. Rogi's Junk Treasure
  8. Tayo Becomes a Police Officer
  9. Trammy's First Day at Work
  10. Who Is Cooler?
  11. Mountain Ghost Incident
  12. Trammy's Secret
  13. Peanut's Misunderstanding
  14. We Love Fairy Tales
  15. Asura the Little Wizard
  16. The Best Detective
  17. Give Me Courage
  18. Tayo Goes To the Countryside
  19. We Are All Friends
  20. Kinder's Field Trip
  21. Citu's Secret Playground
  22. Thank You, Ms. Teach!
  23. A Day with Booba
  24. A Present for Hana
  25. Duri's Homework
  26. The Little Buses Play


  • Carol Tyler, Aidan Williams, Eva Davis, Ginger Hendricks, Brian Alexander, Sandra Hilton, Dana Howard, Reg Stewart, Jerry Todd, Cole Hanson, Nicki Grant, and Terry Freeman reprise their roles for the US dub.
  • This season marks the only of a few things:
    • The only season to feature someone else (that someone else would most likely be Tramy) says the name of the show during short intros. Tayo says the name of the of the show in Season 5 during short intros.
  • This season marks a thing that has happened twice:
    • The second season to feature a brand new character (that character being Peanut) as the main character in the first episode, the first being Heart in the third season.
    • this is the last season to have voice actors to voice characters from season 3 to 4.
    • In Espanol Dub. Nana and Tramy Becomes Male instead of Female.
    • This is only season to not include the space pirate leader, Bully.
    • This is first season to not include the space adventure special episodes.
  • This season marks the last of a few things:
    • This is the last season in which, Toni, Rubby, Speed, and Toto have proper male voices. In Season 5, Speed retains his male voice but Toni, Rubby, and Toto are given female voices.