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The third season of Tayo the Little Bus premiered on October 3, 2015 with The New Friend, Heart and We Are A Family and ended on December 26, 2015 with Somebody Help Us and The Little Buses Sports Day.


  1. The New Friend, Heart
  2. We Are A Family
  3. Rogi the Sweeper
  4. I Know It All
  5. A School Day
  6. Cheer Up Frank
  7. A Weekend With Citu
  8. Tayo's Promise
  9. Gani The Super Star
  10. Toto And Bongbong
  11. Laugh, Pat
  12. We Are The Best With Each Other
  13. Cooku & Champ's Trip To The City
  14. I Can't Sleep
  15. I Want To Be Your Friend
  16. City Heroes, Tayo & Duri
  17. We Are The Heavy-Duty Circus
  18. The Best Mechanic
  19. I Want A Puppy
  20. Ask Met Anything
  21. Poco's Flower
  22. Tayo's Christmas
  23. Tayo's Earth Defense Plan
    1. Tayo's Earth Defense Plan 1
    2. Tayo's Earth Defense Plan 2
  24. Somebody Help Us
  25. The Little Buses Sports Day

Title Cards

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  • This season marks the first of a few things:
    • The first season to feature a brand new character as the main character in the first episode. second being Season 4.
    • The first season to feature brand new voice actors in the US dub starting from this season onwards. In the South Korean dub, the original actors, who started production of the first season, reprise their roles.
    • This is only season where Andy is absent.
    • This is the first season in which, Toni, Rubby, Speed, and Toto have proper male voices. This is done to more male characters in this season and Season 4.
    • This is last season appearance of space pirate leader, Bully. even had returned until Season 5 had also brief appearance in television screens.
    • This is only season appearance of Woolly, June, Blackie, Santa Claus and King Giants. (which is Bully's giant robots).
    • This is second and last season to have an two Space Adventure special episodes, after Season 2.
    • This is only season where Bully and other space pirate gangs had takes place on a earth.
    • This is first season appearance of Heart, Reo, Ms. Teach, Duri, Duri's Mother, and Duri's Father.
    • This is last season appearance of Princess Ray, Bully, June, Bully's Gang and Reo.
    • This is first season location appearance of a School, Refuelling Stations, Theater and Zoo.
  • In some episodes, Speed and Shine swap their voices around.
  • This could be the last season which Tayo says the name of the show during short intros.