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The third season debuted in 2015.





Carol Tyler as Tayo and Bongbong

Aidan Williams as Rogi

Eva Davis as Lani

Ginger Hendricks as Gani

Brian Alexander as Citu

Sandra Hilton as Hana

Dana Howard as Heart

Reg Stewart as Rookie and Max

Jerry Todd as Frank

Cole Hanson as Rubby and Air

Nicki Grant as Miss Teach (credited as Teach)

Terry Freeman as Iratcha

It is unknown who voiced the rest of the characters, even though they had key roles in that season.


  • Carol Tyler, Aidan Williams, Eva Davis, Ginger Hendricks, Brian Alexander, Sandra Hilton, Dana Howard, Reg Stewart, Jerry Todd, Cole Hanson, Nicki Grant, and Terry Freeman join the voice cast for the US dub.
  • This season marks the first of a few things:
    • The first season to feature a brand new character as the main character in the first episode. second being Season 4.
    • The first season to feature brand new voice actors in the US dub starting from this season onwards. In the South Korean dub, the original actors, who started production of the first season, reprise their roles.
    • This is the first season in which, Toni, Rubby, Speed, and Toto have proper male voices. This is done to more male characters in this season and Season 4.
    • This is last season appearance of space pirate leader, Bully. even had returned until Season 5 had also brief appearance in television screens.
    • This is only season appearance of Wolly.
    • This is only season appearance of June.
    • This is only season where space pirate gangs had takes place on a earth.
    • This is first season appearance of Ms. Teach, Duri, Duri's Mother, & Duri's Father.
  • In some episodes, Speed and Shine swap their voices around.
  • This could be the last season which Tayo says the name of the show during short intros.