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The first season of Tayo the Little Bus premiered on August 23, 2010 with A Day in the Life of Tayo and ended on November 16, 2010 with Tayo is the Best.


  1. A Day in the Life of Tayo
  2. Tayo Gets Lost
  3. Tayo's First Drive
  4. Good Friends
  5. Afraid of the Dark
  6. Thanks, Cito!
  7. Let's All Get Along
  8. I Want New Tires
  9. Our New Friend, Gani
  10. Hana and Gani
  11. I Want to Go on a Picnic!
  12. Let's Be Friends
  13. Nuri is a Superstar
  14. Rogi's Hiccups
  15. Hana's Day Out
  16. The Best Heavy Equipment
  17. Joey, the Magician
  18. Frank and Alice Are Awesome!
  19. Lani's Misunderstanding
  20. Make Up, Frank and Alice
  21. Tayo's Space Adventure
  22. Speeding is Dangerous
  23. Lani's Day Off
  24. My Job's the Hardest
  25. Gani is Sick
  26. Tayo is the Best

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  • This is very first season of the series.
  • This season that marks including:
    • This is first season appearance of Tayo, Rogi, Lani, Gani, Citu, Toni, Ratch, Speed, Shine, Poco, Max, Chris, Billy, Joey, Frank, Alice, Rookie, Pat, Met, Big, Nuri, Hana, Bully, Princess Ray, Fire Ball, The Preschoolers and the Preschool Teacher.
      • Met's last season appearance in Season 4 which in Season 5 is replaced by a characters from Spin-off series, Titipo Titipo.
      • Bully's last season appearance in Season 3, which until returns in Season 4 are now makes brief appearance in a television screens.
      • Princess Ray's last season appearance in Season 3 and Princess Ray was never returned in any seasons.
      • Fire Ball's last season appearance in Season 4 as his role was replaced by Guardian X in Season 5.
    • This is first season where several male and female characters are both male and female voices, the male characters was changed into female voice and female characters had changed into male voice in later seasons.
    • This is only season appearance of Kindy Bus and The Announcer.
    • This is only season to have only one space adventure special episode.
    • This is first season to have an original animation background style until Season 4. Which Season 5 moved to new HD background animation style.
    • This is first season location appearance of the old Bus Garage, railroad crossing, vehicle tunnel, bus stop, downtown, suburban areas, riverside highway, riverside road, construction sites, hospital, fire station, driving test center, red and highway bridges.
    • This is first season where Gani had a female voice. until Season 6 where was changed to male voice.
  • Iracha's name was Vroomy and Ratch, it was later renamed in later seasons.
  • This is first season to released in the 2010s.