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Rubby is an antrophomobic street sweeper truck that cleans roads.


Rubby makes an first appearance in a Season 2 episode "A New Playground!" where stucks near at road pavement where trys cleaning. Tayo & Rogi helps Rubby to pull out near at pavement. they later seen at Car Playground where seen cleaning in night at morning, seen meets Hana after cleaning & Tayo & Rogi are both decided to go to Car Playground (as been cleaning).

Rubby also appears in a episode "The Leader of the Playground!" Where seen busy for cleaning the playground & she's became the Leader of the Playground.

Rubby also appears in a Season 3 episode "Rogi the Sweeper" seen at Car Playground as trying to clean, Rogi as angry as tries to touch of stacks of steel bucket & the steel bucket had fall off & roll down & result of the Rubby's cleaning machine been exploded & broken.


  • Rubby's design is appears to based on a Street Sweeper Truck version of Kia H-100.
  • Rubby makes an Female voice in Season 2, it had changed an male voice in Season 3.
  • Rubby is the only truck character that has replacement. (in this case, Rogi).
  • Rubby's cameo in Laugh, Pat

    Another Rubby's cameo appearance in Laugh, Pat

    Rubby makes an cameo appearance in Season 3 episode "Laugh, Pat" seen driving near at right street on downtown.
  • The car is same as in earlier scene (see second picture below), but is on street behind the Hana's Repair Shop