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Rookie is a policeman because he was kind and friendship to Hana.

He was born in Seoul

Rookie is now a loyal Korean police officer and the leader of the Emergency Center.

  • His real name is Kyung Jae-song
  • His birthday is on August 14, 1989


  • Soon Min Yin (mother) (deceased)
  • Kim Sul-jong (father) (deceased)
  • Tsu Jing Yin (brother)
  • Aiko Lin Yin (sister)
  • Joon Su (nephew)
  • Cherry (Chae Yong-bae) (daughter)
  • Hana (Myung Soon-jin) (wife)


  • Rookie he's a Korean.
  • He studied at Yonsei University.
  • In "The Treasure Is Mine!" Rookie when he was a younger age. In English he has a male voice, but in Korean he had a female voice.
  • Also available in Tayo the Little Bus: Take-n-Play.
  • He is also a singer.
  • In the future appearance, he has a black eyeglasses also called him "Sci-Rook"