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Character Information



Tayo (Best Sister)

Lani (Younger sister)

Gani (Friend/Big Brother)

Citu (Father)


Tayo (Best Sister)
Gani (2nd best friend)
Lani (3rd best friend ' younger sister)
Heart (5th best friend )
Peanut (4th best friend )
Hana (owner)
Nuri (friend)
Citu (father)
Bubba (grandfather)


Tayo (rarely)
Lani (rarely)
Gani (rarely)

Rogi's personalities seems to be mischievous and silly. Its best companion is Tayo and the two spend plenty of time together, playing games and, occasionally, fighting. It enjoys sleeping in and is less mature than some of the other buses, and it is also being a detective to find suspects in "Rogi the Detective!", "Prank Call Madness", "I Can't Sleep" (in his dreams), and "The Best Detective". It is, like Tayo, based off of a Hyundai Super Aero City. It reveals in one episode that it has a special guest called Windy, that was revealed in "Rogi's Special Guest". He was even absent in "Speeding is Dangerous", "It's Hard to Behave", "Tayo's Promise", "Poco's Flower", "Chris Wants Recognition", and "Tayo Goes to the Countryside". It was never absent in season 5. He is the number #1000 of the bus gang. It had welcomed to the bus garage 1st. It reveals that Rogi is a horrible, and a very loud singer in "Please Pick Me". he is also shown to get upset easily and also when Nuri pointed out that Tayo is better at singing than Rogi. When Tayo heard Rogi singing in Its normal volume, Tayo played a prank on Nuri to take Rogi to the party. He is the 2nd oldest for the 4 buses.

Personality and traits

Rogi is very mischievous sometimes a little mean,but he has a good heart. Especially to Tayo


"Green Blob" (by Lani)

"Smart Mouth" (by Tayo and Lani)

'' Meanie” (by Tayo)

"Dude" (by Tayo)

"Big Bro" (by Lani)

"The King of Risks" (by himself)

"Sherlock" (by Tayo,Lani and Gani)

"Noisy McNoise Pants" (by Tayo)

"Mr. Rogi" (by himself)

"The Toughest Bus in Town" (by himself)

"Dear Brother" (by Lani)

"Tough Guy" (by himself)

Voice Actors

  • Nolan Balzer (English dub)
  • Um Sang-hyun (Korean dub)
  • Kiyoto Ito (Japanese Dub)
  • Uluç Özkök (Turkish Dub)
  • Aramis Schener (German Dub)
  • Ou Zuhao (Mandarin Dub)


  • Rogi doesn't manually need a Bus driver, but you can only see the cab.
  • Rogi is known for singing off key which annoys everybody including Tayo and Nuri.
  • He is good friends with Tayo and Stuart.