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"All aboard! Watch your step!"
—Nuri's catchphrase in Tayo the Little Bus & Friends

Nuri is a cheerful taxi cab who is 6-9 years old (and 12-14 in the new series).

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In the series, Nuri seems to be very confident and cheerful. She is Tayo's first friend. It reveals Rogi has a crush on her as shown in the Season 2 episode "Please Pick Me" when Rogi wanted to go to the party, Nuri rejected him and chose Tayo instead. Although Nuri does not have a crush on Rogi. In fanon,But she does know that Rogi has a crush on her but she does not have the same feelings for him (*inhales* just beause he wanted to go to a party with nuri it doesn’t mean he hade a crush on her). She has the word TAXI on her top.

Personality and traits

In the new series, she is confident and cheerful and will be eager to help a friend in need which always makes her useful and reliable. Sometimes, she can be a bit harsh at times. She is not very impressed by Rogi's actions. Nuri is very smart and mature. Nuri can be a bit bossy at times.

Voice Actors

Teresa Gallagher (New series, UK English dub, Season 1 onwards)

Su Pollard (New series, UK English dub, video games)

Tabitha St. Germain (New series, US English dub, Season 1 onwards)

Chelsea Miller (Ocean Dub)

Claudia Lette (New series, Portugese dub, Season 1 onwards)

Kumiko Higa (New series, Japanese dub, Season 1 onwards)

Kim Eun Ah (New series, Korean dub, Season 1 onwards)


  • Nuri's birth date is on October the 5th.
  • Nuri's real name is Helen (That’s a lie).
    • In the new series, her full name was " Helen Roxy Brenner". It was stated on her driving license.
    • Nuri made a cameo dancing with Rogi and Cito in I wish it could be summer everyday
  • In September 2015, Nuri got a makeover. Nuri's sign is dark yellow, she has brown eyes, she will bare the number "933", a numberplate saying "NUR1", and her bonnet and doors saying "NURI".
  • In the new series, she will be voiced by Emily's voice actress Teresa Gallagher in the UK dub and Rarity's voice actress Tabitha St. Germain in the US dub.
  • Nuri Also Appears in Titipo Titipo When She Hurrys Eric
  • in the Spanish Turkish and Russian dubs of Titipo Titipo. Nuri has a Male Voice
  • She has a male voice in Arabic dub. And also She is Tayo’s first best friend.
  • Her real gender is Trans.