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Nice To Meet You, Peanut
Season 4, Episode 1
(79th in Overall)
Nice To Meet You Peanut Title Card.jpg
Air date
United States of America
August 31, 2016
United States of America
March 31, 2017 (YouTube)
Written by Choi Jong-il
Directed by Song In-uk
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Nice To Meet You, Peanut is the 1st episode in Season 4 of Tayo the Little Bus. In overall, it is the 79th episode.

Plot Summary

The buses gets excited to hear about an electric bus Peanut coming to town. Tayo is sent to find Peanut while Peanut gets lost in the city and meets a guitarist Jimmy. Later on he gets lost in the mountains and meets a singer named Jenny who he takes her on a ride to the auditions on the mountain. Will Tayo be able to find Peanut before it gets dark?



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