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"Oh, come on! Nobody's perfect!"

-Hana consoling Lani for failing the driving test

Lani's Misunderstanding
Season 1, Episode 19
(19th in Overall)
Lani's Misunderstanding Title Card.jpg
Air date
United States of America
October 25, 2010
United States of America
March 21, 2013 (YouTube)
Written by Choi Jong-il
Directed by Kim Min-sung
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Lani's Misunderstanding is the 19th episode in Season 1 of Tayo the Little Bus.

Plot Summary

Cito is proud of Lani that is until Lani decides not to practice for her car exam letting her 3 friends practice. When test arrives she goofs up and Cito gets very angry at her for failing the test. Lani gets her feelings hurt by Cito scolding her and runs away getting lost in the city.



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