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Lani is a anthropomorphic yellow bus and a main character who first appeared in a Season 1 of Tayo the Little Bus.

Season 1

Lani makes first appearance in a first episode of Season 1 "A Day in the Life of Tayo" where seen meets with Tayo after finishing their driving test and been introduced as Tayo's friend.

Season 2

Lani returns in Season 2.

Season 3

Lani returns in Season 3.

Season 4

Lani returns in Season 4.

Season 5

Lani returns in Season 5.


  • Lani is absent in a Season 3 episode "Poco's Flower".
  • Lani is a yellow character, the other yellow characters are Shine, Toto, Kinder & Rubby.
  • Lani is the youngest bus in the bus garage