Lratcha (formerly Ratch and Vroomy) is a clumsy mini-truck.


Lratcha is clumsy and gets into trouble a lot. In "Gani is Sick", he was sick and farted right in front of Gani's face and made him sick. Then Lratcha was seen getting the shot Hana was giving. In "Tayo and Bong Bong", Lratcha was seen dropping crates, only to find that he made Carry's babies wake up and cry.


  • Lratcha made a come-back in some Season 2 episodes. Also, he appeared in Season 3.
  • His name used to be Vroomy[1], then it was changed to Ratch in Season 2. In Season 3, his name was changed again to Lratcha.
  • Lratcha does not speak in the Spanish dub of an episode when he moves his mouth.