Hotshot Cecily is a 12-14 year old blue bus and is Tayo's older sister. She is voiced by Emma Weaver.thumb|170px|link=File:Hotshot_Cecily.jpg

History Edit

Hotshot Cecily is a big sister to Tayo and she has dark blue paint. She looks quite identical to Lani and the 2 are very good friends. She has the number 59 which she says "that's the best racing number for a hotshot" and a big lightning bolt sticker just like Georges' one, but yellow. Although she can be a bit of a showoff, Cecily likes racing with her friends and most of all, her childhood friend. In Cars Land, she watched the 4 buses ride Mater's Junkyard Jamboree in "Slip & Slide" and got a little bit confused when Rogi goes nuts. She has a big heart.


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Full EpisodesEdit

  1. Who's the Hotshot?
  2. I Rule the Roads
  3. Cecily at the Fair
  4. Grab My Wheel
  5. Down at Dream Street

Short EpisodesEdit

  1. Slowpoke
  2. Beating Speed (cameo)
  3. Something for the Hotshots


  • Hotshot Cecily is a fanon character who made her first appearance in "Who's the Hotshot?".
  • In "Slip & Slide", she was bursting to go to Cars Land.
  • She thinks she's the "hottest bus yet".
  • She will have green eyes in the new series and a numberplate that reads "C3C1LY".
  • She is voiced by Emma Weaver in the TTLB&F series who also voiced Sydney and Millie in Underground Ernie.
    • She was originally going to be voiced by Ashleigh Ball, who also voiced Applejack and Rainbow Dash, but didn't get the part. In future seasons, she might voice a different character.