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Tayo (friend)
Rogi (friend)
Lani (best friend)
Gani (friend)
Peanut (2nd best friend)
Hana (owner)
Speed (possible love interest)

Voiced by

Dana Howard (Old series, English dub of Season 3)
Maria Darling (New series, Season 1-onwards)


"To the rescue!"

Heart is a main character who first appeared in Season 3 of Tayo the Little Bus.


Heart is an anthropomorphic hatchback who as Speed's girlfriend.


Season 3

Heart makes first appearance in a episode "The New Friend, Heart" where seen inside at car dealership along with other dealership cars and Heart seen escaping outside of the dealership where seen passes on a wrong lane (which is one-way exit lane) and accidentally crashes into lamp post & meets Hana where seen about on way to theater & Hana seen talks to Tayo as been broke down on red highway bridge because of Tayo's tires are flat & Hana's mobile tablet been ran out of batter and been charged, Later Heart was seen on bus garage as Hana looks because of Heart had scratch & been repainted.

Season 4

Heart returns in Season 4.

Season 5

Heart returns in Season 5.



  • Heart's design is based on 2008 Audi A4 with heavily influences from 2011 Fiat/Abarth 500 SS
  • This is only character in Tayo the Little Bus where color had been changed, as she was originally brown color & later repainted into pink.
  • Heart's garage was first existed in Season 1 with blank. as been reappear in Season 3 as now owned by Heart.
  • It considered been related to Sally, an character from Cars franchise as shares the similarities:
    • Both are girlfriend of red cars (being Sally's boyfriend is Lightning McQueen & Heart's boyfriend is Speed)
    • heart is the same car as ms teach