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"Yes, Ye- WHAT?"

-Reo when Gani said he refused to leave his friends at the garage at the press conference

Gani The Super Star
Season 3, Episode 9
(61st in Overall)
Gani The Super Star Title Card.jpg
Air date
United States of America
October 31, 2015 (YouTube)
Written by Choi Jong-il
Directed by Song In-uk
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Gani The Super Star is the 9th episode in Season 3 of Tayo the Little Bus. In overall, it is the 61st episode.

Plot Summary

One day, the popular action star Reo comes to visit the town. On his way to the city center, Leo gets stuck to the railroad and Gani saves him! Gani gains fame as a brave bus that saved a superstar and even gets a personal manager for himself. But alternating between his work as a city bus and other press schedules constantly tires Gani.



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