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Frank is a red Fire Truck Who first appeared in Season 1 of Tayo the Little Bus.


Season 1

Frank makes first appearance in a episode "I Want New Tires" where seen talking to other motorists as the fire nearby & Toni helps the motorists to move left & right lanes and Frank leaves the traffic scene. It later seen on Frank and Alice Are Awesome! are seen on a road as Tayo & Rogi are excited to seen him. On a fire scene. Frank & Alice are both seen visiting the Bus Garage as Frank seen practicing driving & Alice seen watching TV & later, Hana seen checking the engine & fire broke out neat at Hana's Repair shop after explosion as Hana been trapped inside been find the Fire Extinguisher & Frank arrives quickly to extinguish the fire & Alice takes Hana to the hospital. It appears again in "Make Up, Frank and Alice!" where seen talking to Tayo as decided go to the City Hall as Toni seen hiding near at Fire Station (who disguised as Alice) as the Little Buses & Emergency Vehicles are later seen on City Hall as Gani decided back to bus garage as ladder been moving & the ladder fall down though the Alice's broken siren & been running away.

Season 2

Frank returns in Season 2.

Season 3

Frank returns again in Season 3, but only introduced their friend, June.

Season 4

Frank returns again in Season 4.

Season 5

Frank returns again in Season 5.


  • Is that so?
  • Great to see you June, you can come visit whenever you want se


Frank is a fire truck who works with Alice when there is a fire. He is not very serious about his job.


  • Frank and Alice sometimes gets into a feud but they're usually friends with each other.
  • Frank's design is based on Fire Truck version of Iveco Stralis.