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Citu or (sometimes spelling referred to as "Cito") is an antrophomobic tour bus.


Citu makes a first appearance in a Season 1 episode "A Day in the Life of Tayo", where seen meets Tayo after finishing their driving exams after, it left him where seen meets Speed as decided to "Race" into the highway, they later seen meets again with Tayo because of Speed's car accident near at freeway entrance.

Voice Actors

Tim Bandfield (English dub)

Shin Yong-wu (Korean Dub)

Chen Yanjun (Mandarin Dub)

Angel Lugo (Latin Spanish Dub, Season 5 Onwards)

Yuto Kamijo (Japanese dub)

Oliver Welke (German Dub)


Tayo (Daughter)

Rogi (Son)

Lani (Daughter)

Gani (Son)

Peanut (Son)

Heart (Daughter)

Hana (Owner)




  • In certain pronounciations the word is "Cito".
  • Its little counterpart was voiced by Nolan Balzer who also voiced Rogi (Seasons 1 & 2 only)
  • Citu also talks to other buses besides Tayo, Rogi, Lani, and Gani.
  • Cito, Big & Max are the only largest Vehicles in this series.