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"You two, I told you not to drive up here!"

-Cito angry as scolds Tayo and Rogi for being playing tag in the Bus Garage.

"Oh...... tsk tsk tsk tsk!"

-Bubba when Young Cito broke the garage junction signage.

Cito's Secret
Season 2, Episode 13
(39th in Overall)
Cito's Secret Title Card.jpg
Air date
United States of America
January 11, 2012
United States of America
September 11, 2014 (YouTube)
Written by Choi Jong-il
Directed by Shin Chang-hwan
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Cito's Secret is the 13th episode in Season 2 of Tayo the Little Bus. In overall, it is the 39th episode.

Plot Summary

Cito always helps the little buses, but he is also sometimes strict; the little buses feel a bit uncomfortable around Cito.



Cito seen back to bus garage after finishing their work as Lani being crying on right side of road as because of being lost & Cito being angry as because to not drive the streets & Later, Gani seen stuck near hairpin signage because being avoiding to other buses as Tayo & Rogi being playing an hide-and-seek and until stopped by Cito as now allowed to playing at bus garage, The Little Buses being talking about with Cito being "Grown-up".

Next Morning, the visitor seen arrived at bus garage to look for Cito and seen talking to the little buses which says being sleeping and (but Cito is in car wash) and Booba being angry because of Cito being wash up late and until Cito runs away.

Bubba, the senior bus where Cito is child which are lots of many stories for Little Cito like seen racing an blue sports car on highway and until being caught by Bubba as being dangerous to drive fast & considering being "Grounded" as decided back to bus garage, The Little Buses being laughing because of Little Cito's stories, next story being Little Cito seen playing hide-and-seek at bus garage but since has been "Grounded" as been stopped by Bubba, Little Cito accidentally crashes into signage and the Signage been broken & crying.

The Little Buses being laughing again because of Little Cito's accident at bus garage as Bubba on next story, Little Cito seen leaving the Museum Bus Stop with last remaining passengers, failed their driving simulation game, run away while crying, Little Cito seen crying on road as found by Bubba while back to bus garage, Little Cito being towed as because of Little Cito being running out of fuel & cannot move.

Later, Cito arrives after Bubba's story as with Bubba decided to dressed into a clown which looks same clown costume as Little Cito being playing with Kindergarten Kids & Bubba being happy as been "playing", Cito already arrives with clown costume, The Little Buses also being dressed with clown costume and other buses being leaves & the episode ends.


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