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Champ is a old pickup truck who first appeared in Season 2 of Tayo the Little Bus.


Season 2

Champ makes first appearance in a episode "Nana's Invitation" where seen hello to Little Buses. During farming with the Little Buses, seen loading with boxes of Apple & later seen on a hill along with Cooku & Larry to rescue Tayo who seen fall off the hill because of Tayo's Tire had flat because of Beat Trap had stuck. Because Tayo while are go seen with fireflies & Champ also seen it.

Season 3

Champ returns in Season 3, it now seen appears again in a episode "Cooku & Champ's Trip To The City" where seen visiting to the city along with Cooku as Champ been scared by automatic robot gas pump while visiting the Gas Station & later, Seen playing on a construction site (Because the construction site who mistakes for City Playground) and while climbing the second floor, the ramp collapsed and Cooku & Champ both been stucked on a pavement in first floor & until saved by Tayo & Nuri.

Season 4

Champ returns again in Season 4.

Season 5

Champ also returns again in Season 5.


  • Champ's design is based on 1970s-1980s models of Ford F-series.
  • It makes an cameo appearance in a episode "I Know It All" where seen driving near at entrance/exit of the bus garage along with Bubba.
  • Several old pickup trucks are same model as Champ which appears in Brown color.
  • Champ is the only Turquoise-green character in this series.