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Bully is the leader of the Space Pirates & the main antagonist in Tayo the Little Bus.


Season 1

Bully makes an first appearance in a episode called: "Tayo's Space Adventure" where he was seen chasing Tayo when she was saving a space car called Quick as he was about to get captured and later, he was seen chasing Tayo.

Season 2

Bully makes his return in Season 2 episodes: "Tayo's Space Adventure Part 1 & 2" where he has double appearance where he was seen again on a planet as he was trying to capture Princess Ray where she was saved by Tayo to their own house planet. As Princess Ray gives an bandage where Tayo have an scratch.

Season 3

Bully makes his return again in Season 3 in two episodes: "Tayo's Earth Defense Part 1 & 2" along with Woolly. where he was seen on Earth as he was seen talking to the other motorists and Hana who mistakes for Princess Ray as their gangs visits the bus garage as Hana has been captured by the giant robots and later on. Hana is escaping the spaceship.

Season 4

Bully does not make his return in Season 4.

Season 5

Bully does make an appearance in Season 5 episode, it makes an brief appearance in episodes: "A New Present for Duri" where he was seen kidnapping Little Girl until little girl was saved by Fireball, On "Joy's Magic Show" where he was seen on Television on the same scene as on previous episode.

Its unknown that Bully does not appear in any episodes, possibly being dead in planet destruction.


  • Bully & Woolly are the only space pirates in this series.
  • Season 3 is the last season appearance of Bully but does not make his return in Season 4 & also makes his return in Season 5 which now only appears in a television screens.
  • Season 4 is the only season that Bully does not make his return.