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Booba (or sometimes spelling as Bubba) was the senior bus when Cito was little.

Tayo the little bus bubba.jpg


Booba's first appearance was in the Season 2 episode "Cito's Secret" where he was seen visiting the Bus Garage to look for Citu where seen talks to Little Buses as saying as Citu being sleeping (But is in Car Wash), but Bubba being angry as because of being wash earlier & Citu runs away.

in flashback scene, Bubba seen talks to Little Cito as been dangerous to drive fast and Little Cito been "Grounded" as decided to go back in a bus garage.

Later seen in a bus garage as trying talking to Little Cito and Little Cito accidentally crashes into a bus garage signage and causing the signage to be broke.


  • Booba's design is based on a 1960s Volkswagen Camper Bus. He was born in May 1922.
  • This is second character in Tayo the Little Bus to be based on a 1960s Volkswagen Camper Bus models, after Bongbong.
  • This is oldest vehicle character in this series, Even older than Steam, Miss Magician & Wondie, but also the oldest bus in this series, after Wondie.
  • Booba seen cameo appearance in a Season 3 episode "I Know It All" are seen driving in a street next to entrance of bus garage along with Champ.
    • However, Miss Magician and Windy are also makes cameo appearance in a episode.