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Bongbong is a anthropomorphic minivan are first appeared in Season 2 of Tayo the Little Bus.

Season 2

Bongbong makes first appearance in a first episode of Season 2 "Tayo and Bong Bong" where seen rides at car carrier truck until the car carrier truck had stops because of boxes are falling from blue truck and the car carrier truck leaves with back door opens and causing Bongbong to fall off to the highway.

Later, Tayo seen driving at highway as says that car stopped and Bongbong wake up by Tayo as been dangerous to sleep on road and Bongbong seen on Downtown and Bongbong gets passed into the stop line and being "Traffic Lost" as Tayo helps and Bongbong decided to visit the Bus Garage.

Later Evening, Bongbong seen playing with the Little Buses like Rogi's monster stories, Tayo's dancing and Bongbong makes dancing as Bongbong says to find Carry as takes home and Carry arrives at Bus Garage as being found. Tayo sorry to Hana about Bongbong to takes in a Bus Garage.

Season 3

Bongbong returns in Season 3.

Season 4

Bongbong returns in Season 4.

Season 5

Bongbong returns in Season 5.


  • Bongbong's design is based on modernized version of 1960's VW Camper Minibus.
  • This is first character to be based on VW Camper Minibus, the second being Bubba.
  • Bongbong makes cameo appearance in a episodes "A New Playground! & "Nuri's Worst Day" where seen driving near at streets.
  • Bongbong does not crying as been sleeping on Season 2 episode "Tayo and Bong Bong".
    • It's revealed that he's crying in a episode "I Know It All" where crying as been capsized after down the slide & also crying as Bongbong does not make to go home with Carry.
  • The way he falls out of Carry is very similar to the scene where Lightning McQueen falls out of Mack's semi trailer in the 2006 Disney/Pixar film "Cars", but with differences.
    • Both Lightning McQueen and Bongbong are wake up in highways, as McQueen is woken up by a truck horn, while Bongbong was woken up by Tayo instead of a truck horn.
    • Mack leaves with closed back doors, but Carry leaves with opened back doors.
    • Bongbong falls out of Carry during the day, while McQueen falls out of Mack at night.
    • Bongbong remains asleep for a longer time on the road than McQueen.
    • Bong Bong falls out backwards while McQueen falls out forwards.