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"Lani is a scaredy cat, a scaredy pooh!"

-Rogi mocking Lani before their lesson on driving in tunnels

Afraid of the Dark
Season 1, Episode 5
(5th in Overall)
Afraid of the Dark Title Card.jpg
Air date
United States of America
September 6, 2010
United States of America
March 20, 2013 (YouTube)
Written by Choi Jong-il
Directed by Kim Min-sung
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Afraid of the Dark is the 5th episode in Season 1 of Tayo the Little Bus.

Plot Summary

Rogi's scary story about the Legendary Ghost Car causes Lani to have a nightmare and become frightened of the dark.



During night time, Rogi told Tayo and Lani a story which involved a Legendary Ghost Car story. Lani said that the story Rogi told wasn't scary. Rogi startled Lani after he booed at her, making Lani surprised, yet angry. Rogi then called her a 'scaredy-cat' after he booed at her. Lani insisted that she was surprised because Rogi screamed 'boo' at her.

Tayo exaggerated to ask Rogi to continue more of the story. Rogi continued the story and said that the car goes after 'scaredy-cat's' car. Feeling frustrated, Lani went off feeling angry. Just as she was going to bed, Rogi and Tayo started teasing her. Before she went to sleep, she said that Tayo and Rogi were teasing her, and she went to sleep.

Tayo, overheard what she said, woke up together with Rogi, and started making ghost sounds to scare Lani. Lani had a nightmare due to Rogi's story, involving a big truck with glowing eyes chasing her. The next day, Lani was the last one to wake up among the 2 other buses. Cito taught the 3 buses a lesson to go into a tunnel. Lani when nearly arriving at the tunnel, she started to fear. She then went into the tunnel. A few steps into the tunnel, she started to get afraid. Convincing herself, she thought of a positive way to overcalm herself. A little more steps through the tunnel, she started worrying and said that the tunnel is longer than usual. As she was driving through the tunnel, she heard a familiar horn sound which is similar to the one she had a nightmare.

Lani got more frightened after she heard it, and started screaming as well. Lani drove faster, thinking that it was the Legendary Ghost Car. However, the truck managed to catch up her. When Big got closer to Lani, Lani closed her eyes, again, thinking that it was the Legendary Ghost Car.

Lani opened her eyes after she heard Big said "Excuse me". Relieved, Lani admitted that she thought Big was the Legendary Ghost Car. Out of the tunnel together, Big said that he had to go somewhere. Lani was returning the garage after going through the tunnel, feeling tired. Tayo and Rogi confessed that the story was a myth. Lani felt disappointed towards them. At night on this particular day, Cito went by to Lani's bus garage and asked her to stop by at the Repair Shop. Lani drove there and no one was there. Then, the light got more darker, making Lani shocked.Tayo and Rogi shone their light at the shop with a puppet, which iRogiTayos specifically made by Hana. Later on, Tayo and Rogi apologised to Lani, and promised her that they will never do it again.


  • Lani gulped while Rogi was telling the legendary ghost car story, making it the only ever time that a bus in this show has ever gulped.
  • This is first appearance of Big.
  • This is first episode where an bus garage lights had off, the second being Tayo is the Best, third being Rogi the Detective!, fourth being Hana's Special Day, fifth being Mountain Ghost Incident and sixth being Duri's Homework.
  • This is first location appearance of a vehicle tunnel.
  • This is only episode where Hana plays an puppet.
  • This is the only episode where a character was sleeping with the lights on.
  • This is first episode where Hana appeared without her mechanic cap. The second being The Best Mechanic.

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