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A New Playground!
Season 2, Episode 6
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A New Playground! is the 6th episode in Season 2 of Tayo the Little Bus. In overall, it is the 32nd episode.

Plot Summary

While on their route, Tayo and Rogi save the garbage truck, Rubby, from trouble; later, they discover an old parking lot by chance.



Tayo and Rogi are playing hide-and-seek at night as Rogi tries to catch Tayo but both about to hit the another bus and until stops by Hana as been dangerous to playing hide-and-seek and been no more to play.

Tayo and Rogi are both at bed are which says decided to find the place for playing hide-and-seek and been sad. Next morning, Tayo and Rogi are finishing their bus routes and drives to the road construction site to rescue Rubby as seen stucks near at wet pavement, they both help pulling Rubby out of pavement and Tayo talks Rubby to drive near at wet pavement, but was not dry yet and Tayo and Rogi are later leaves from road construction site.

Tayo and Rogi are both discovered the abandoned car playground as Rogi pushes the gates and riding the elevator on their way to the third floor and slides through the dirty ramp and Tayo and Rogi are started to play at dirty car playground, Rubby arrives at car playground as heard the sound been involved Tayo and Rogi are been playing at dirty car playground and Rubby says been "fun" to playing at dirty car playground.

Tayo and Rogi are both back at bus garage and disrupted by Hana and Cito are been going home for too late. Hana been angered as Tayo and Rogi's face and tires are been dirty as they came playing from dirty car playground and both decided to "stay away".

Hana and Cito visits at autoparts store to buy somes supplies but Hana had one bottles of lubricants had fall off, rolls down to the road and crushed by an passing light blue car and Hana been crying and Rubby cleans the road and after cleaning, seen talking to Hana and Cito are about to Tayo and Rogi been playing at dirty car playground and Cito said are not allowed to play there and Rubby arrives at dirty car playground to clean for Tayo and Rogi are now playing there.

The next morning, Tayo had been sad as he finds the other place to play and Rogi rushes to Tayo as the car playground had now cleaning and Tayo and Rogi went to a newly cleaned car playground to see them.

Rubby arrives at Hana's repair shop as been dirty after cleaning at dirty car playground last night, Tayo and Rogi rushes quickly to the Hana's repair shop and Hana allows Tayo and Rogi to play there and Rubby, Tayo and Rogi are now going to the car playground and the episode ends.


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